Estancia Cristina

Pick-up begins at hotels at morning to head the road to port Punta Bandera (about 50 km from El Calafate) , were the boarding proceeds. Once on board we will sail the North Arm of Lake Argentino towards the Boca del Diablo ( narrowest part of the North Arm ) and then we will go troughUpsala Channel up to the glacier of the same name, where you will be able to watch from close different types of icebergs that form an impenetrable barrier. After appreciating that sight, we will keep sailing trough Cristina Chanel until we get to the Estancia. There you will be able to choose among three options:


You will tour around the Estancia and learn the history of the pioneers who founded it in 1914. After that you will visit the Estancia museum , the original helmet of the place , the small chapel there is, and you will get to the side of the rivers Caterina and La Noria that run trough the Estancia. Finally we will be returning to El Calafate, shipping scheduled at 5pm.


When you reach to the Estancia after the navigation, frist activity is to visit Estancia Cristina folkloric museum , after that you will take a 4×4 vehicle crossing the Peninsula Herminita for around 45 minutes long, you will get to visit the mountain shelter called Rios Continentales , and after a walk of about 30 minutes you will reach the Upsala Glacier viewpoint from where you have a magnificent view of Lake William , Southern Ice, and the Andes . Then , you will continue your tour by 4×4 vehicle trough the Estancia for about one more hour. Finally you will get to port to board the ship back to El Calafate. Arriving in town around 7pm.

Trekking Cañadon of Fossils:

When you get to the Estancia, you will ascend the mountain in a vehicle 4 x4 , where you will get to go trough a very interest and beautiful landscape, you will see what is left after the glacier retrieved, generating great geological interest. Once you get to the top you will have the beautiful sight of Upasala, Lake Williams, South Patagonia Ice field, and The Andes, all from Upsala Viewpoint. The descent of the mountain will take place walking down the canyon of marine fossils , unique features Valley within the park.Then you will return to town, with the same ship that took you to the Estancia, arriving at El Calafate around 6pm.

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