The Hostel´s Tour XL! Is a different way to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, an excursion where you are the main character. We start the pick up early in the morning, taking an alternative route to the Glacier, a typical Patagonian route, where instead of seeing cars and buses, we´ll see different birds and the native fauna in their natural habitat. During the trip we´ll stop in different viewpoints, and in the road stop ” Estancia Río Mitre” where we´ll know the kind of life on the Patagonian Ranches and their characters.
Within Los Glaciares National Park, and the Andean Patagonian forest we´ll make stops on the viewpoints before reaching the blaconies, where we´ll begin to appreciate the beauty of the glacier and its environment.
We´ll have the posibility to take a boat trip for 1 hour long by the south face of the Perito Moreno Glacier, where we´ll get about 300 meters and we´ll appreciate the glacier from the closest point. We´ll start the circuit of the viewpoints from the north side, walking from the bottom to the top by the “coast path”, so, in this way we´ll discover the glacier as we approach it. And also this is an ideal area for lunch in peace, enjoying a spectacular view of the Glacier. After walking completely all the viewpoints circuit, we´ll begin our return by the Route N° 11, with the ArgentineanLake as permanent landscape up to El Calafate. When we reached to El Calafate, we´ll take the coastal street to admire the flamingos decorating our RedondaBay. And we´ll end up the tour tasting the Chopen craft beer.
It does not include: Entrance to the park. Lunch. Navigation.
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